French Restaurant in the Italian District of Tianjin

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At the French restaurant the food was expensive by Chinese standards but really I had lamb fillet, bread, mashed potatoes, carrots, and squash with liver for $31.00 American dollar dollars. All six of the dishes we had were extremely authentic. The other plates had chicken and salmon. We had our orders taken by the head chef he was French but knew more English than the Chinese waiter. While we were eating it did not feel like we were in China, It really felt like a real French restaurant. The portions were different, the cutlery was set with two forks, a spoon, two knifes, and a butter knife. The service was very quick and precise. We sat out on the patio the sun was beating down the temperature was in the mid 90's. The drinks were served with ice which has been rare in China. Over all the experience was good but I would rather just grab food from one of the markets for 5 yuan (less than one American dollar).

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