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Today was one of the groups most eventful days. We visited TEDA Cardiovascular hospital, Master Kong's factory and museum, and SPD Bank. I would like to talk about all of these tours, but will concentrate on TEDA and relate what I observed to the growth and innovation taking place in China. The TEDA hospital was very influential and informative. We got a firsthand look at the technology used in the hospital along with some of their philosophies. I thought it was amazing that such a huge hospital was built and dedicated to heart treatment only. I have yet to see a hospital in America which concentrates solely on this. Our guide Dr. Lee described a procedure the hospital performs to detect a rare heart condition in newborns. Since 2004, the hospital has detected this disease in approximately 500,000 babies, and has been able to help many of these children, despite very high procedure costs. On a separate note, I was surprised that we were allowed access to the places we were. These firsthand looks on surgical areas and equipment would never be allowed to tourists in the US, as it would be an issue of privacy. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the opportunity to get this perspective.

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