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We had our second day off today since we had no class or trips lined up for either Saturday or Sunday. Jason, a good friend of Dr. Li's, lined up a reservation for us to sing at a KTV as a group. KTV is karaoke where you reserve a room for multiple hours at a time, gather up a group of friends, and pick songs for a playlist and sing away as they appear on the screen. I was a little skeptical at first because I was wondering if any of the songs would be in English, how many people would ACTUALLY sing, and also whether or not I would sing in front of a group of friends. I quickly found out my anxiety came out of nowhere because they had numerous songs in English, everybody sang at least a little, and I found out that when Your Song by Elton John comes on, I can serenade with the best of them. Jason's wife, Helen, sang a few Chinese songs as well as Jewel and her roommate Chong, and Sherri and her friend Shelby and they were all terrific! Even though I couldn't understand the words, they had beautiful voices. KTV's are super popular all around China, and after seeing first hand how much fun they are, I can see why. Opening one in America would be a goldmine for sure!

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