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Day Eight: TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital, Dumpling Lunch, Kong Noodle Company Tour, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Italian Village, Tianjin Eye(Tallest Ferris Wheel in Asia)
-The day started off with everyone looking sharp in their business attire. Our first stop was to the TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital and I found it to be a very interesting tour of the hospital. The first machine that we were showed that I thought was very interesting was the automatic pill sealer. The machine took patients pills and sorted them according for how they take them and when they take them. It was so amazing. At the end of the tour we got the opportunity to observe were they do heart surgeries. These surgeries mostly consist of implanting splits in to the heart but open heart surgery is also performed in the rooms we viewed. Before we entered the room everyone had to put on a: gown, mask, hat, boots, and use hand sanitizer. This was making me a little nervous. I have a history for passing our when I see blood so I was not very interested in seeing an open heart surgery. The last two times I have been to a hospital I passed out on the floor from seeing blood. Also just for your information, passing out in the hospital is very expensive! You get rushed to the emergency room and you have to pay for the services, cost me about $700.00 dollars. So luckily we did not get to see open heart surgery! We went and looked at where they get x-rays and then the room that they operate the surgeries in. To my surprise, unlike western culture, patients were in the room. Patients were getting scans and x-rays as we looked in the room. This would never let this happen in America. HIPPA would not allow this in the states, yet privacy was not an issue in the hospital. I was amazed when we entered the room where they perform surgeries. For example, when we views the operating room a women was just sitting up and getting put in a wheel chair. She had just undergone getting splints put into her heart. It had only been 20 minutes since the procedure and she was all smiles! Obviously the doctors at the hospital know what they are doing! The hospital was very clean and seamed well organized. There hospital layouts and computer systems seemed very advanced. I also learned that the government pays for a large percentage of the hospitals visits, (procedures, checkups, etc.) Like the United States the person has to pay a percentage of the bill and usually the company they work for pays a percentage. The government paying for a large percentage of the bill, which helps make hospital care affordable for the Chinese people. Overall I learned a lot at the hospital and I am glad we went on this visit!

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