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Last night a few of us dined at a Hot Pot located in Tianjin. It was the second time we have tried hot pot, which is one of the most famous Chinese meals. Eating a hot pot meal is pretty unique, and it would be hard to find a replicate meal or restaurant in the US. The servers bring raw meat, vegetables, and noodles to table for each individual to cook. In order to cook the ingredients you must dip them in a boiling stew with a variety of spices, which is located in the center of the table. After the meat, vegetable, or noodle is cooked you pull it out of the liquid in dip in a self-concocted sesame sauce. It is very delicious, and I enjoyed this meal a lot more than our first experience with hot pot.

The location we ate at was picked out by Jason, who is associated with Nankai University and really helps out with our trip overall. There was only a few of us at the restaurant, including Professor Li, so the meal was very relaxed and not quite as chaotic as our bigger group meals. The atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant was incredible, and the servers were both very helpful and friendly. There was even a little bit of a "show" by the person who prepares the noodles for the table. I recorded the whole thing and I have provided a link to the video of the performance below. Overall I would say it was one of, if not the best, meals I have had so far in China.

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