I got to see someone get surgery

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It was very fun to visit the TEDA International cardiovascular hospital in Tianjin. The facility is very nice and our tour guide knew a lot about the surgeries that were performed. Patients can get their prescriptions filled right in the facility. It was cool to see the difference in how the drugs were filled. The radiology department at this facility uses GE PACS. PACS is the same software that they use at Essentia Health in Duluth. At this facility they filled the patient's drugs by putting them into small individual plastic bags that separate the amounts daily. It was interesting to learn that the government pays for %70 of the surgery and the patient pays for the rest usually with medical insurance. The tour guide showed us all of the different steps a patient takes in the surgery process. We all had an awesome opportunity to actually walk into the observing area to watch the doctor perform surgery on a patient. We had to put on a complete sterile suite from head to toe. I found this part very cool since I would not have this opportunity in the United States. After viewing the surgery I requested to see the IT department. We got to go into the server room to see where they house all of their health information. Users login to the servers through terminal services same as the hospitals in Duluth. They also user virtualized servers to use the servers efficiently. The facility has around 500 employees and they have 7 IT staff to support the system.
After the hospital we saw the one of the most efficient factories in Asia, Master Kong's noodle factory. They made noodles that are very similar to ramen noodles in the US. The process is very cool from start to finish. They begin with a raw material that makes the noodles. The noodles are formed into strips then compiled into a bowl shape. Once they are in a bowl shape they are cooked to perfection. After noodles are baked they add little packets of flavoring. After the flavoring is added they are packaged and sent off to the pallet stacker. The flavor they a were doing was a red label which is their most popular favor. I found the pallet stacker robot the coolest thing ever. It took 2 full boxes and stacked them on a pallet in a perfect pattern to ship to the buyer.
The last part of our day we visited a bank called SPD bank. This place was a first class operation. Very nice building that offered banking to the local Chinese people in the Tianjin area. I found out that the average interest rates were between 7%-8% for a car. The headquarters for SPD bank are in shanghai. They have facilities all over China they are a nationally known bank. They offer personal banking, corporate baking, and treasury & Markets. We got to see the VIP area for the "high rollers" they get their own special area to meet with a financial specialist.

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