Italian Style Town

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As nightfall came, I realized I had no plans for tonight. I called up my friend Jewel from Nankai University to see what she was going to do. She offered to give me, and whoever else wanted to come, a tour of Nankai's campus. I told her I would ask around and meet her in front of the hotel at 6:00 pm to go on the tour. Kannetha, Samantha, Brian, Alex and myself took this tour and I could not believe how massive the other buildings, besides the familiar business building, were but yet the campus remained so scenic and calm. We toured both Nankai and Tianjin University which worked up quite an appetite. We decided on an on-campus coffee house to eat at and once again ran into trouble trying to order. The language barrier has been most prominent with menus than in any other interaction I've had on this trip.
After our meal (which was delicious as always) Jewel offered to take us to the Italian Style Town. We agreed as it wasn't too late and I'm so glad we did. This area of Tianjin is developed into little shops and boutiques selling products from Italian fashion to little gift shop trinkets. All the buildings are uniquely illuminated and Jewel said it's not nearly as pretty during the day as night. Wanting a vantage point to take pictures from, Brian and Alex convinced us to go to the top of the largest skyscraper in the area. We rode an unfinished elevator to a work-in-progress 41st floor that was littered with evidence of construction. The dust that had accumulated on the windows nearly deterred us away, but then we found out they could be opened and you could poke your head out and see everything. Miles and miles in each direction of Tianjin was lit up for us to see. They took some incredible pictures and we all had a great time. I look forward to going back to that part of town soon.

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