Kung Fu was awesome 5/29

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To begin the day off we began to learn about E business in China. Professor Runhui Lin explained to us how this type of business works in China. This area interested me because I am a MIS major and I may be dealing with this type of business in the future. Netizens are people who are on the internet and a citizen. The grown rate is continually growing from 34.3% in 2010 to 38.3% in 2011. 78% of the users are on-line to browse the news. China also have mobile telecommunications as we do in the USA. China mobile is the largest mobile corporation in China and in the world. They also have 3g service and video conferencing over the 3g network. A case we focused on was www.alibaba.com and its impact in China. Alibaba is the worlds leading B2B commerce company in the world. There are reasons why Alibaba succeeded in China. One or the main reasons why it succeeded is because the business model is appropriate for the Chinese economy.

After class we toured the sports facility at Tianjin university. It was pretty cool to find out that there is a US-China center for sports culture exchange operated by the University of Minnesota. When we go inside of the facility we went to see the lake which had many dragon boats. When we got there we saw people practicing for dragon boat races. Dr. Li explained to us that the Ancient chinese believed that there were dragons on the bottom of the lake. When a dragon boat raced one of the team members on the boat banged a large drum. By making this sound the ancient Chinese thought this would scare the dragon away. When we finished learning about dragon boat racing we headed over to the dance studio. After watching girls and boys dance we went into another room and everyone was asked to dance with the girls. I found this part very fun because we got to interact with other Chinese students. After dancing we headed upstairs to watch the kung fu martial arts students. These students were very very talented when it came to martial arts.

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