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We walked to Naikai University today for our first day of class. I sat next to one of the Chinese students named Lisa. Dr. Li did our lecture today. He had us interact with the Chinese students to see how much we know about the other person's country. Lisa was really excited for this activity. We had to name as many cities as we could. I only knew four cities in China and Lisa knew 5 cities in America - New York, Washington, Houston, Los Angeles, and Duluth. I told her other big cities in America and she was so interested and excited to learn about them. Dr. Li also lectured on the differences between Chinese and Americans. For example, on a culture dimension scale for long-term orientation, China is at 100, while USA is at 29. Dr. Li explained how many Chinese are still friends with people from their elementary school or middle school, while college kids in America have few friends that they still keep in contact with from high school. He hopes we are able to stay friends with the Chinese students. Lisa and I exchanged email addresses so I hope we are able to also. Later in the day we all went to play bad-mitten and table tennis at the university, but I just talked to Lisa more to get to know her. We talked more about the differences between our two cultures. She also said she likes watching Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girls and I told her a few other American shows to watch. Her roommates want to meet us so hopefully one day she will take us to a KTV (karaoke). Lisa said she would take the girls shopping on the weekend too.

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