Lishen Battery Company

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Tianjin is home to one of the largest battery manufactures around the globe. Lishen has numerous locations not just throughout China but all the way around the world with locations as close to home as Chicago. Led by President Qin Xingcai the company sticks close to its values and vision. Since its establishment in 1997, only 15 years ago, Lishen has gone global and is rank in the top five for Li-ion batteries. Along with its various locations it has been given access to exclusive deals and partnerships with international giants such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Dell, and GM. Today the company has over 6 billion RMB in assets. The tour of the facilities we received include a walk through the battery production line and over to the store house. The tour wrapped up with a presentation in one of the board rooms. The presentation was a general over view of the company and lasted a good half an hour with follow up questions. Given that Lishen is a major supplier of Apple you can look for IPhone5 to be on the market in October! Just a hint but I'm willing to believe it. I am curious to test his response. During the presentation I also experienced my first earth quake! Visiting Lishen was interesting as I had never seen the production process before and I learned a lot about the company, maybe even enough to risk an investment?

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