May 20th 2012

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Today was once again another fantastic day in China. After breakfast we went to Nankai University where we had our orientation and presentation by Dr Dahui Li. I was really interesting getting to learn about the differences in american Cculture and Chinese culture. I also met a new friend today named Sherri. She taught me a lot about how chinese do different things and things they percieve as important and most of all made what I hope to be a lasting friendship and connection in China. This afternooon after lunch we went and played badmitten and ping pong, that was such a blast. After words came back and took a nice well deserved shower. We as a group then went to the Mcdonalds we found down the road and order some good old american food. aafter words we went to the market and the group picked up more beer for a nice relaxing night in the hotel. Everyday in China seems to get better and better I hope to continue to learn new things and meet new friends in the days and weeks to come.

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