May 21st 2012

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Today was probably my favorite day so far Here in China. after our usual routine of breakfast. We went to class at 9, but instead of beinga boring old class the professor was extremely energenic and you could just tell he was excited to teach us. We learned about business structure differences between America and china, with the focus on the the differences in leadership and management. After class we went to the Dynasty winery. The place was filled with eight thousand barrel of wine. after the tour we came back to the hotel. The ntonight Sheeri one of the Chinese students we met, was generous enough to gice me a tour of nakai Universtiy Here in Tanijim. During our walk she shared about her family, where she stayed, She also showed me the sports complex. It was incredible. She then showed me where the teacher Building , like the Sports complex, it was unbelievable. As we were walking around the res of the campus we talk about academics,student life, and just about life in general.After we walk around a good portion of the school and said goodbyes, I came back to hotel for the night. Its just so Incredible how the Chinese students here in Tanijin and so welcoming and excited to spend time with us.

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