may 25 th 2012 class and games

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the day started bright for four of us students . we decided to go for a run at 7 o'clock this morning. we ran through Nankai Universtiy. It was definitely a work out after all the food we have been eating here. After running we went back to our rooms to get ready for class. I n class this morning Dr. Wanh touahgt us about MNC's and how foreign industries have to adapt to chinese policies and cultures. It was a very good class . After class we went to the dining center at Nankai. THe food here like usual was very delicious. After lunch we got ready to head to the gym to play some Badminton and ping pong. Of course the chinese students were light years better than us, Badminton however was my favorite, we played for about 2 hours and man was it a good workout. I then came back to the hoteland took a shower and we will see where the rest of the night takes us.

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