Meeting my fellow Chinese peers

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Today we went to the university and Dr. Li did a little presentation for us about what we are going to be doing in Tianjin the next 17 days and also talked about the city and showed us different places on the map that we may want to visit.

I found out there is a ferris wheel on top of a bridge over the river that is over 300 ft tall so that will def be on my to do list.

The biggest part of the day was talking with the chinese students. Elly (pronounced Ella) sat by me and we got the opportunity to talk with each other through different activities Dr. Li set up. An example for some of these things would be like grading cultural characteristics, knowing different cities in each others country, famous people we know and other things from the opposite country. It was weird how much more the Chinese students know about the US compared to what we all knew about China.

I thought these activities really helped us open up to each other and to see how the Chinese look at the US and vice versus. I am definitely excited to see what the next couple weeks bring that is forsure!

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