Noodle Boy

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A few of us went to a Hot Pot restaurant with Dr. Li for dinner. The restaurant was absolutely amazing, basically a 5 star restaurant where the waitress even offered to tie my hair up for me. There were seven of us and we had a traditional hot pot meal at a table with a hot pot in the middle. The experience I had there was unlike any other experience I've had at a restaurant. We were first given a hot towel to wipe our hands and mouths with. Then we received a menu where we can choose what items we want to put in our hot pot; we chose beef, lamb, shrimp, pork, some veggies, bamboo shoots, and my favorite tofu! After choosing the items we wanted in our hot pot, we had to make our own dipping sauces. Everything was in Chinese so I didn't know exactly what I was putting in my bowl but everything I chose smelt amazing. When I arrived back to the table the waitresses had given us red aprons to put on so we won't spill on ourselves. And this is when the fun begins, we got to eat whatever we wanted in our hot pot and I learned many things about the meal. For example, when a food item is finished cooking, it will float up to the top when it is done. It was really fun looking for the shrimp to rise up to the surface because we were all very excited to try the amazing shrimp. My most favorite part of this hot pot experience was the Noodle Boy. We ordered some noodles for our hot pot and they gave us a man doing interpretive noodle dancing! It was the most entertaining thing I've ever seen with a noodle. I also enjoyed the tofu a lot, the soup from the hot pot made everything taste delicious. I hope I will still have time to go back to that restaurant, it was absolutely delicious!

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