Amy and Lilly

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One of the three things I said I wanted to learn at the beginning of this trip was what Chinese students our age like to do for fun. Over the past few days I have been able to talk to Lisa more and get to know her. Today I had the opportunity to meet Amy and Lilly. They are both students at Nankai and extremely friendly. During class today, Ross, Kannetha and myself talked with Lilly and she explained how she did not have an American name yet. I have learned over the past couple days that Chinese are usually given an American name from an American. The three of us were very excited and felt privileged to be choosing Lilly's name. We then invited her and Amy to lunch. This was extremely helpful because they ordered food for us and were able to ask the server our questions. During lunch, I learned that Lilly enjoys playing computer games in her free time. Amy said she really enjoys getting to know and hanging out with foreigners. They are both interested in taking us out at night and also taking us shopping over the weekend.

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