Online Retail and Sea Gull

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Today was an interesting day learning about the online shopping and learning about the major retailers. Chinese people use many different devices to shop online. There are over 350 million mobile phone users that can use their device to order merchandise off of the internet. With that said there are more people that use mobile internet phones than the population of the United States. Majority of the users who use the internet are in the east coast of china Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Another interesting fact was that Chinese users spend on average 18.3 hours on the internet. When purchasing items of the internet Chinese users use a payment system called Alipay. Alipay is very similar to PayPal payment system. There are 3 main online retailers that are currently dominating the online retail market in China. The first is with a rate of awareness at 29.8 percent. Second is at an awareness rate of 15 percent. In third place is at a rate of awareness at 9.5 percent.
The second half of our day we visited a watch making factory. The watch factory is called Sea Gull. They make some very high end watches. During the tour the lady showed us a picture of George Bush wearing the watch when he was fishing in the ocean. Once Sea-Gull saw that he was wear their watch they sent him multiple watches for him to wear and George bush sent them a thank you letter. The company was established in 1955.

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