Saturday Dinner

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Saturday was our first entire free day on this trip. I had an eventful day of seeing the water park, shopping, and taking a six hour nap. In the evening, Kannetha and I were hungry for dinner. We had missed going to dinner with everyone else because of our nap and decided to venture off on our own. We were both craving dumplings and knew of a place that served dumplings right down the street. Most of the restaurants we have gone to only have Chinese writing on their menu. Since Kannetha and I did not have a Chinese student to come with us and help us order, we decided to write down the Chinese characters for chicken, pork, and vegetable. That way, we could show the server and hopefully get something that we liked. When we got to the restaurant, to our surprise, the menu had English writing!! We were so happy. We ended up ordering pork and cabbage, and shrimp and cucumber. They were both good. I'm glad Kannetha and I tried something new on our own.

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