Slapped Around, Day Three

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Overview: One the third day we went to Summer Palace, got massages, and ate Duck for dinner.
- Summer palace was beautiful, it felt very romantic. I cannot imagine being Cixi (the women emperor who lived there) and being able to spend all my time in such a gorgeous place. I would never want to leave the palace if I had a choice. The buildings were stunning and walking the longest painted corridor in the world was breathtaking. After these three long days of walking is was nice to know that we were going to eat an amazing duck meal and then all get foot and body massages. Truthfully, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. In America you could say that massages are sensual and soothing. This is not true for China. They are; very ruff, deep tissue, and they slap you a lot. Our guide said that during a foot massage there are certain points on your feet that tell you different things about your body. When you are getting a massage; if anything hurts then you should get it checked out by the doctor. Say the point that was hurting meant that your kidneys needed to be checked.Well if that is true I think I am going to die soon because he was very rough and everything hurt at some point! At the end of the massage the man was working on my shoulders then he started to slap my back like I had a thousand mosquitoes on it! It hurt! I showed my back to the other girls and there were hand prints! Yet, in the end, I felt so good. I was sore from walking the Great Wall the day before and my soreness was gone. My feet felt amazing and I slept like a baby that night. All in all, I got slapped around a little bit, it was all for good reason.

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