The Eye of Tianjin

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Sunday evening was the perfect evening to explore around the city. We decided to take a taxi to the eye of tianjin. When we got there, we were bombarded by many vendors selling us knick knacks. What caught my eye were the lanterns, which we eventually purchased. While walking down the riverside, we saw a mini carnival with games like popping balloons with an air soft gun to win prizes, a ring toss, and many more. After walking around, a few of us decided it was time to go on the giant ferris wheel. We bought tickets, waited in line for a good amount of time, and finally got into a capsule. And of course the usual happens, the Chinese worker looks right at me assuming I am Chinese and starts speaking to me in Chinese. It happens all the time and I am finally starting to feel bad when they find out I have no idea what they are saying to me. While being at the top of the ferris wheel, all I did was stare at the beautiful lights from the buildings, and followed around some lanterns that have been lit up and flying nearby. As soon as we got off the eye, we immediately ran to a vendor to purchase a lantern. We had absolutely no idea how to make it work but thanks to the locals, we finally got it up! It was beautiful, I sure hope someone made a wish as it was flying up into the dark smoggy sky.

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