Transition from Beijing to Tianjin

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Today is our last day in Beijing as we will be taking the high speed train to Tianjin to begin our classes at the Business School of Nankai University. Our day started with a trip to the Temple of Heaven and included a stop at a local Beijing market where they sold goods. After we had a chance to shop around a bit we went to a Hot Pot to eat. A Hot Pot consists of a variety of veggies, noodles, and meat that are to be dipped into a spiced boiling pot. We left Beijing via bullet train and 20 minutes later we were 80 miles away in Tianjin. I thought the train ride was pretty awesome! The train was really clean and up kept well. It was also the smoothest train ride I have ever ridden. It seemed to almost glide on a cloud of air as it propelled us to our destination at 300kph. Once we arrived we checked into the Haunting hotel and joined a few of the Chinese students for a welcome dinner. The dinner was amazing and probably one of the best yet! It was a Korean restaurant where you sit around a table and in the center you grill various meats and veggies to your desire. After grilled you dip the meats and veggies in a sauce of your creation. It was a unique experience and its right next to our hotel!

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