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Friday we spent the afternoon playing bad mitten and table tennis with the Chinese students. The gym was already full of students when we arrived but all of the students were very welcoming and were interesting in playing with us. I played bad mitten with Alex, Helen, and another Chinese student whose name I did not know. This student was very good at bad mitten and it was embarrassing how bad I was compared to him. He did not laugh at me though and he was kind enough to help teach me how to serve. My skills improved and I enjoyed the afternoon. Once I was done playing, I looked around for a water fountain but could not find one. I asked our professor and found out that the only water available would be hot water. I have no idea why anyone would want hot water after exercising and was disappointed. I waited until I arrived back at my hotel to drink some water. This has been a problem for me during my entire stay in China. Our hotel does not have a fridge so it has been hard for me to adjust to drinking room temperature water or pop. I am looking forward to drinking a tall glass of ice cold water when I arrive back in America.

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