Water and Ferris wheel 5/27

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Sunday was a beautiful day in Tianjin. I woke up got some food down the road and on my way back I met up with Alex and Ryan. Alex and Ryan invited some Chinese students to gout out with us to show us the town. They brought us to the water park which was really cool. The water park is a huge area with pings and man made sculptures with water flowing through them. After the water park we walked to the Zoo which was nearby. In the zoo I never to got to see real live animals just sculptures of animals. After the water park we started to head to the Ferris wheel. Once we got to the Ferris wheel we took many pictures under the night sky. This Ferris wheel is the largest Ferris wheel in Asia. The Ferris wheel was all lit up with red and blue lights. As the night got later the Chinese people began to bring out games like amusement park. I did end up winning a small prize from the dart balloon game.

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