When West Meets East

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During our first lecture at the Nankai University Business School, Dr. Li had us interact with Chinese students and learn the similarities and differences of the Chinese and American culture. I learned everything from how to greet people properly, to their values and what their favorite hobbies are. I first sat next to a girl who was a foreign exchange student from South Korea whom spoke very little English but I was still able to understand her and help her out. It was her second year here at Nankai University, her plan is to finish her entire undergrad here and then return back to South Korea. We also exchanged email addresses, talked about her cute clothes, helped me out on how to navigate around campus, and even taught me a few Chinese and Korean words. I asked her what she enjoyed doing and she said she likes to watch movies and shop with her friends. I learned that many ladies in China are quite modest and are very caring toward everyone. I am looking forward to getting to know our new friends even more!

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