17 Big Macs

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The first day we got into Tianjin I spotted a Mcdonalds and knew that I had to try it. A few of us from the group walked down there to check it out. It was pretty similar for the most part, but the menu had a few weird items that I had never seen before. Everything was in Chinese so one of the workers gave me a menu and told me to point. I decided to try out a Chinese big mac. This may have been one of my worst decisions of the trip because I liked it so much and the walk to Mcdonalds was super convenient especially at night when we were getting back from the bar. I started going to Mcdonalds more and more and even when we left Tianjin I still managed to find other Mcdonalds locations which meant more big macs. I am a little bit embarrassed but also proud to say that over the course of a month I ate 17 Chinese big macs and went to Mcdonalds around 20 times. I have maybe had 5 big macs in my life back in the states. This is something that I will look back at in the future and wonder what I was thinking.

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