6/5 Tiger Hill

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To begin the morning off we visited Tiger hill. Tiger hill was very interesting got to see some large sculptures of Chinese soldiers. We got to see a awesome battle between two armies. The Chinese soldiers were on horses with weapons and they would run at each other to try and knock of the other. It was pretty sweet to see this reenactment. After the show we got to take a boat in the middle of the lake to view Tiger hill from a ways out. We also got to walk up to the leaning tower which was pretty interesting since it was leaning but still is standing tall. Joe also showed us the tomb which held the emperor at the time. The tomb is underwater with many treasures but at this time it has not been opened because they do not want to ruin the treasures inside. Later in the day we took a boat ride in the river which was really cool. As we drove through the river we could see inside peoples houses. These houses are actually on the water quite interesting.

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