6/5/12 Three Kingdoms City and Tiger Hill

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Today we spent the first part of our day in Wuxi where we visited the Three Kingdoms City. The Three Kingdoms City is a park that is used for many movies and even had its own T.V. show called Romance in the Three Kingdoms. The first thing we did at the park was watch a horse show in which the performers dressed up like warriors and acted out a battle for the crowd. This was really cool because the actors did a lot of tricks on their horses and the battle was played out well. After the show, we went on a boat ride on a lake next to the park which is where a lot of Chinese history films are made. After the Three Kingdoms City we drove to Suzhou which is about an hour away from Wuxi. Suzhou is a very nice city with a lot of trees and nature so the air was a lot more fresh and easier to breathe in. In Suzhou, we visited Tiger Hill which gets its name because it looks like a crouching tiger. Tiger Hill is an ancient tourist spot because it is where King Helu was buried and holds the worlds "second leaning tower. I thought that Tiger Hill was a very beautiful place and I enjoyed seeing the history such as the carvings on the rocks. Overall, today was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the Three Kingdoms City and Tiger Hill.

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