6/6/12 Humble Administrators Garden and The Romance of the Song Dynasty

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Today was one of my favorite days in China. First, we went to the Humble Administrators Garden in Suzhou which was really peaceful and it was unlike in garden I have ever seen. I was amazed by how large it was and all the detail that went in to making this garden. If you cant tell this was probably my favorite place that we have visited in China so far and I am really happy that I had this chance to experience it! After the garden we traveled to Hangzhou which is another very beautiful city in China and probably my favorite cit that we have been to. In the evening, we went to Songcheng Park where we were lucky enough to see The Romance of the Song Dynasty (with great seats by the way) which was directed by Zhang Yimou who directed the opening ceremony for the Olympic games in 2008. I have to say that this play was one of the best performances that i have ever seen with tales of love and war. Overall, today was on of my favorite days in China yet and I can't believe that this trip is almost over already.

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