6/7 Hangzhou

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To begin the day off we hopped on a boat to cruise around a man made lake in Hangzhou. Many people use this lake to get away and relax after a long week of work. Joe told us that many people from Shanghai come to this city to relax and enjoy the fresh clean air unlike Shanghai. As we were on the lake we saw some small boats with tables on them. According to Joe our tour guide these tables are used for tea and families or friends come out on the lake to relax and have tea. We also got to see the spot where the 1 yuan was designed after. After the boat ride we walked to an area that we were able to feed the fish and walk around to view the green scenery. Later in the day we went to a famous tea place which we got to have some high quality tea. This tea was really good and it was very high end and expensive. I would have purchased some tea but I could not afford the price. After the tea place we began to head to shanghai.

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