6/7/12 Tea Garden and Arrival to Shanghai

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Once again we had to pack our bags today but I was pretty excited because we were headed for Shanghai! Before we left for Shanghai we headed to the Long Jing Tea Garden in Hangzhou. This tea garden has the most famous green tea in all of China so it was pretty hard to resist buying some. After a short presentation we had a chance to buy some of this prized tea and I was so impressed with the tea that I had to get some. Once we were done with the tea garden we mad a four hour drive to Shanghai. When we made it to Shanghai we stopped at a restaurant for dinner which was really cool because the employees put on a live performance with music and dancing. The size of Shanghai is truly amazing the height of the buildings is beyond words. After the dinner we headed to our final hotel of the trip it felt good knowing that we didn't have to change hotels again. That night our tour guide Joe brought out to the nightclub Muse 2 where we had two VIP tables for our group. Although the club was pretty expensive we had a lot of fun. I am excited to see what the last coupe of days in China will hold but I am sad that this trip is almost over.

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