6/8/12 Pearl Tower

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Today was our first full day in Shanghai and to start the day off we took a walk around the lake where we had an awesome view of the city. We also were able to see the second tallest building in China, the Pearl Tower, which we were visiting later. After a quick lunch, we headed for the Pearl Tower which is 468 meters tall but we only went up 263 meters which is still incredibly high. It was cool to see the city of Shanghai from that high up but, unfortunately, it was fairly smoggy today so we weren't able to see that far. The coolest part of the tower was the see-through floor and I have to admit it was pretty scary looking straight down 260 meters. That evening after the tower we took a cruise around the city and if the height of the building wasn't amazing enough, it was awesome to see them light up. Shanghai is truly an amazing city and I am excited to see what tomorrow holds.

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