A 37 Hour Day

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I woke up Sunday morning and thought it was a dream. I could not believe that it was the last day in China already. The four weeks had flown by and I wasn't ready to go. I quickly packed my suitcase, took a shower, and was down in the lobby by 9 am. Once everyone was down in the lobby and checked out of the hotel, we proceeded to the market to do some last minute shopping. Around noon, we finished shopping and went to have our last meal in China. After lunch, we went to the airport and said our goodbyes to our tour guide, Joe, and Dr. Li. After we checked in and got to our gate, we had some time to spare before our flight at 4 pm. My sleeping schedule was already messed up because of the little amount of sleep I had gotten over the past month and I knew it would get even more messed up after this 13 hour flight. Because of the time difference, we arrived in Chicago on Sunday at 5 pm. In China, this would have been 6 am on Monday morning. I did not sleep much on the plane to Chicago, but I felt wide awake as we waited for our next flight home. Once we were on the flight to Minneapolis, I fell asleep right away and I was awaken by a voice on the intercom informing us that we would have to fly in circles while we wait for the storm to pass through Minneapolis. I fell back asleep and woke up around 11 pm when our flight had landed back in Chicago. This would have been 12 pm China time. We finally made it home around 12:30 am and I was picked up by a friend. Because of the 13 hour time difference and our flight home, our Sunday was a 37 hour long day. Four days later, my body still feels confused as I try to find a normal sleeping schedule again.

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