A Balanced Meal

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On the last day of classes at Nankai University all the groups gave a presentation on a cultural aspect of China. Brain and Zach gave a very good presentation on food in China. One thing I found interesting is how important it is for Chinese dishes to be a balanced meal. In America meals are very separate dishes. You have a steak with corn and potatoes on the side. However, in China one dish may be a combination of many different foods ranging from wheat to meat to veggies. I feel this helps insure that you receive all the necessary nutrients needed to stay healthy. Just balancing the different ingredients isn't enough either. Chinese dishes are balanced in color, texture, smell. I really like how Chinese cook they're food because it always looks good and tastes good with many different flavors. I like to cook some in my free time so I can really appreciate how important and creative Chinese food is. The idea of trying to recreate some of the meals I had in China is pretty intimidating as they seem so complex. I loved all the meals I had in China and I felt so much healthier after eating them then most foods I eat in America. The wide range of dishes you have in one meal is amazing and I liked the way veggies were prepared as some of my favorite dishes didn't have any meat. Former UMD student Sam informed me that most Chinese mix their rice with their dishes and I tried this and it was amazing. I have a much better appreciation for Chinese food and I had some of the best meals of my life while in China.

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