A City With a Different Feel

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Our arrival in Shanghai was greeted with hideous smog, filthy looking buildings, and a traffic jam that rivaled Beijing. Needless to say I wasn't this city's biggest fan as we wound our way into town... My opinion soon began to turn for the better when we stopped to have dinner. It was our first meal in Shanghai and it did not disappoint. Every plate they brought us was swiped clean in minutes, and as always, the food kept coming until we were all completely stuffed.
There was one major difference I did notice was in the people. All of the cities we have been to before this, especially Tianjin, have loved seeing Americans. Even to the point of wanting us in their group photos. But here in Shanghai, Americans are much more prevalent and it shows. In Tianjin I could make some girls blush just by making eye contact and saying "Ni Hao," but here, I feel grossly under dressed and like it's a completely different China. It sounds like a crave for attention, but it was a major difference that was pretty easy to pick up on.

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