Another day with Jennice and Mary

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Once again, Tyler, Alex and I met with the girls Alex met on the train from Beijing to Tianjin. The first time we hung out with them was a blast, and the second time did not disappoint. There were a lot of memorable things we did that were all packed into one day. First we had a buffet style lunch located near the shopping square of Tianjin. It was similar to the Korean barbecue we had the first night in Tianjin, except you could walk around pick the different things you wanted to grill. After that we walked all around the shopping square until we reached the end, where we found a random church.

The church looked awesome from the outside and it was little surprising to see, given pretty urban location. We walked into it and found a pretty big crowd. It seemed like it was just open to the public so everyone could walk in and just enjoy the architecture and organ music. After a little it seemed like the crowd was picking up and there was a little bit of a buzz in the air. It turns out, we were sitting in a church where a wedding was about to occur. We decided we could not leave this unexpected event. It was the first wedding I have attended in over a decade, and it was the last thing I expected to do during this trip. The ceremony was pretty similar to the ones I have witnessed in America, although it much shorter. As the newlyweds were walk down the aisle back outside the groom gave a surprised look to our group. I don't think he expected to have three American strangers at his wedding, but we both waved and smiled to each other.

Our main objective of the day was to finally ride the Tianjin Eye. It was our objective during the first time we hung out, but we missed the deadline by minutes. Tonight we were a lot more cautious about our time schedule and purchased tickets more than hour before the box office closed. The wait was a little long, but the result was definitely worth it. The ferris wheel is massive and provides a one-of-a-kind view of the city of Tianjin. I finally took my camera around Tianjin and got a lot of great pictures, especially while riding the Tianjin Eye. After the ride we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel. Overall it was a great day, and I'm happy to say that I made two good friends in Tianjin

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