Another Evening Boat Ride, But in Shanghai

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We have been on several boat rides during our stay in China, but I don't think any ride can rival the display of the one in Shanghai. Unlike our boat ride in Suzhou, the group boarded a pretty big cruiser with a lot of other individuals on it. All of us ran up to the top of the boat, so we could have a chance to take a lot of pictures and observe the entire skyline at night. At the beginning of the ride, there was still some daylight and the smog was prominent. Despite those inadequacies the view was still pretty cool. We were looking forward to the last leg of the ride in order to catch a glimpse of the skyline at night.

As the ride progressed, the night sky grew darker and the images became more breathtaking. Not only were the skyscrapers towering over us and the rest of the city, they now displayed impressive lights and even some moving pictures. I have a feeling a lot of the best pictures of the trip will come from this boat ride. The images we witnessed were unlike anything we've seen on the trip, and although it had no cultural background or culture the imagery was still pretty cool. It was great finally be able to see Shanghai at night, and I think it was something most of us wanted to do when signing up for the trip.

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