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Today we did a lot of site seeing in Shanghai. Throughout the whole day I found myself taking a lot of pictures of the architecture in Shanghai. The Pearl Tower is an amazing building and looks beautiful on the city horizon. I think that the architecture in Shanghai is way better than in the United States. It is almost as if, if your building is not as flashy as the others then you might as well not have built it. Also at night every city we visited in China lights up. Every building is eliminated with beautiful bright lights. It was amazing. The United States does not care as much about architecture and the presentation of their buildings. At night, the lights on the buildings perfectly accent the buildings structure. I could take pictures of every building in China at night. My favorite building in Beijing is the CCTV Headquarters. The building looks like a cube that is open in the center and the top half is free standing. The building is mesmerizing and I don't understand how it works. The infrastructure below it has to be super strong and is probably very deep into the ground.
My favorite building in Tianjin was the TV tower. The structure is almost scary from the outside. It looks like the poured cement and then stuck a UFO on top. At the top of the TV tower we ate dinner and it spins so you get to see the whole city of Tianjin. We got there at the perfect time too. We got to see the city illuminated by the sunset and then by the end of our dinner we saw the whole city bright with light on all the buildings. We even saw a water fountain show from the top of the tower and it was so beautiful, later we took a cab and watch the show.
Lastly, my favorite building in Shanghai was the Shanghai World Financial Center. It was finished in 2008 and for a little bit it was the World's tallest building. When you drive by the building it is hard to try to look all the way up to the top. As you look up the building it keeps getting smaller and smaller towards the top. Then all the way at the top is an opening. The bottle reminds me of a bottle cap opener, just about a trillion times bigger. I think that if the world gets invaded by giants they will steal this building for their personal use of a bottle opener. The hard thing for them will be to find a very large bottle to open. Possibly, this should be the next building Shanghai builds; I suggest that it be close to the Shanghai World Financial Center. All in all, I love the architecture in China and I believe that the United States has a lot of catching up to do. We obviously have some amazing buildings in the United States but the quantity of amazing buildings in China outweighs the buildings in the US.

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