Badminton At Nankai

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After an interesting lecture on Human Resource Management we decided to go play some more badminton. I was starting to pick it up and played a lot better this time. Besides playing badminton here in China I haven't had a lot of experience with the sport except for when I was in high school. The first time we played badminton it was just our group and the whole gym was open. I watched some Chinese students play doubles for about 20 minutes and then was invited to play. The girl that I was playing with was very impressive. We definitely dominated the other team until a different male Chinese student subbed in with our opponents. I thought that I was pretty good at badminton until he continuously spiked it in my face. I could tell that he has had a lot of experience with the sport and even though my partner and I were losing I still had an awesome time. After a while I got extremely tired and decided to head back to the hotel after the storm passed.

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