Bamboo Forest

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Today we visited the bamboo forest. I have never thought that I would visit something like a bamboo forest. It was so pretty and cool. The stocks of bamboo were so tall! I have been to the Redwood forests in California and those trees were pretty tall too but the bamboo is a lot skinnier and just as tall! It's crazy how different the forests in the United States are from the forests in China. Joe, our tour guide, told us that pandas usually only eat the short bamboo stocks. I thought this was crazy because there were so many tall bamboo stocks. It's crazy to think that once there used to be a bunch of pandas in places like that forest. The water in the forest was very clear. When we all saw how clear the water was, we all wanted to jump in!! The forest had also some of the freshest air we have experienced on the trip! Bamboo seems like it is much more durable then wood! My roommate has little tiny bamboo but to see it so large was very interesting. I was surprised that the stocks were all hollow! While in China I also ate some bamboo shoots! They were pretty good; I had it at the hot pot so it was cooked in a broth. I liked the lotus roots better than the bamboo!

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