Bamboo Forest

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AS simple as this adventure was, a short jaunt through the forest, it was really quite enjoyable. The air here was the cleanest air I have had in China. It had the off smell of an iron ore mine as the humid moist air brought out the smells of the forest's greens and dirt. After a long bus ride a nice walk through the bamboo forest was refreshing. I think we all needed the fresh air and to move around a bit. I had never been through a bamboo forest before which is what made this so appealing. Other than small potted bamboo plants this was a first for me. The bamboo forest was very different from northern Minnesota forests which have a lot of coniferous trees. Joe, our guide for the rest of the trip, showed us around the forest and took us down a few side paths. As we walked a few of us lingered and took our time taking pictures and enjoying the scenery. After a while we noticed that two of us had become very separated from the group and we picked up the pace, at times jogging through the forest. The crew had been moving fast or we had taken a wrong turn because we did not catch up until they had gone as far as they had wanted and turned back. Luckily we found them and we were able to stick with them on the way back. At the end of one of the trails there was a tea house. I really wanted to check it out and have a cup but we did not have time as we had a show to get too!

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