Book Review Henry Kissingers "On China"

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Unlike most students I forgot to bring a book along with me to China. So as soon as I got back I went to Barnes and Nobile and Got the Book "On China" by Henry Kissinger.
Fom front to cover and while spending time with my new niece it took me a whole day to read the book .
In the book Kissnger talks about the roles he played in the Nixon era, where he helped play a huge role in creating Diplomacy betwwen The United States and China in a time where the cold war was still going on .In the book he shows some of the History both recent and traditional dating back over a thousand years. IIn the book he also goes on to talk aboout the differences in the Philosophies between the United States and China. One example wuld be that the United States are like the missionaries of the world we try to bring our culutre every where we go . Where as the Chinese are more cultural. I thought It was very cool to see that a lot of the things that Kissinger had to say in China, were things we learned at the business school at Nankai Universtiy WHile taking classes.
The books just took those Ideas and tied a lot of them together like how we as the United states are about indiviualism. Where as the People in China are about "We"
I really enjoyed this book and hope to continue to learn more as I do both my academic paper and reflection.

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