Differences in Cities

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The past three days we visited Wuxi, Suzhou, and Hangzhou. These three cities are in the southern part of China and are completely different than Beijing or Tianjin. First, the air in these cities is a lot cleaner and refreshing. There is not as much smog so you are able to see a farther distance. Second, the food taste different. We have been eating some of the same dishes we ate in Beijing or Tianjin but the sauce on the food seems to taste lighter. Third, there is a lot more free land. I saw many bluffs and valleys covered in trees that reminded me of parts of Minnesota. Fourth, I saw very few - if any - Americans in these cities. We have been getting stared at and asked to take our pictures this entire trip, but I felt that many more Chinese were staring at us in these cities. Some people even asked to take a group photo of us when we were visiting the Song Dynasty. I am glad we were able to visit these cities to see the differences between different parts of China.

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