Dress Up Day

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I still can not believe how much stuff we fit into each day. It always seems like the days go by so fast yet there is so much to remember in each one of them. Today we did many things and the night boat ride was one of my favorites. We also got to see some of the terra cotta warriors and a mock fight. As I was taking pictures around Tiger Hill Alex comes to me in a hurry to get pictures of the girls. I didn't see the rush until she explained they were going to dress up. As we got to the building where they were offering this it seemed like everyone was looking and not dressing. We went ahead and passed them and as we got to the counter to pay I was easily talked in to dressing up with the girls. We looked at the sign and picked our clothes out, the girls seemed to have much more to choose from seeing as how I only had one choice. The girls however had many choices of different styles and many different colors. I had only one choice of yellow in what looked like a long dress. We made our way to the side where they dressed us. First they put on my robe, which I thought was going to be a dress, and tied it with a piece of fabric similar to the design. I then had very large beads put on me as well as a hair net and a crown. The hair net was to keep the hair out of my eyes and out from under the crown. The girls were dressed similar but had very large sleeves as well as a big thing that shot up from around their necks. The also had something for their heads but it looked more like a large flower. We finally got to get up by the thrown and take pictures. There were girls up there who were already dressed willing to be in the picture for an additional 20 Yaun. We all paid it because they looked so good and they helped us position ourselves. The girls were put in very graceful positions and I was put in very masculine positions with my hands behind my back. We got some beautiful pictures today so when we got back to the hotel I decided to look some traditional outfits up on google. I found many that were much more subtle than the ones we had on but I did find some very similar to ours.

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