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Last night in our hotel Nolan and I watched a talk show that was talking about the college entrance exams that Chinese students take to get into college. From what I could gather the entrance exam is like a super version of the ACT or SAT. The exam lasts for 3 days and it tests students on all the knowledge they've learned in high school. You then receive a score and this score determines which colleges you can go to. The talk show said the test is very competitive and very stressful on students. The hosts talked about some tricks people use to help their scores. The exam is more competitive in smaller towns because universities only select a few candidates from different districts. In smaller areas less openings into colleges are handed out so some students take the test in larger cities. I learned that some universities will only select the highest scores in certain districts and really prestigious schools will only select the best scores in all of China. This all seemed very confusing a very intimidating. I can't imagine what Chinese students go through during this time with all the pressure. I would have so much anxiety if I were a student. This process for getting into college is much different then what we have in America. We have a similar test with the ACT SAT but they're not nearly as important. I did not score well on my tests but I had a good gpa and class ranking. I'm really glad I did not grow up in China because I feel if I had to take this test my score would be horrible and probably wouldn't have made it to college.

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