Farewell Dinner

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Sunday evening was filled with laughter, joy, friendship, and sadness. Today, we spent the evening enjoying dinner at the Korean restaurant next door to our hotel which was also the first restaurant we went to when we first arrived in Tianjin. We had dinner with our Chinese friends and exchanged gifts. It is so crazy how close I have become with each and every student here; especially Lisa, Amy, and Lilly. Lisa has gone out of our way throughout the entire two weeks to ensure our stay in Tianjin has been amazing. She has been spending time with us even after her work hours including the weekends. I am so glad to meet such a caring person and I plan on keeping in touch with her and even coming back to visit! Lisa and I exchanged gifts during the farewell dinner; Lisa gave me two beautiful chopsticks and I gave Lisa a U of M backpack, some pom pom's, and post-it notes. Amy has been super close with me as well; her, Samantha and I even had a slumber party and went shopping together! I gave Amy a bunch of presents too, UMD and TCF related of course! Last but not least, Lilly! Lilly and I became close the second I thought of her American name; she didn't have one at first, so I asked what her favorite letter is and she told me "L". The first name that came to mind was Lilly which fits her perfectly! I have received everyone's e-mail and Skype names so we can keep in touch. I love making international friends!

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