Finding Familiarity in a Small Corner of Shanghai

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Since a lot of us purchased items that exceeded our load capable of bringing back to states, we needed to find some luggage. We skipped shopping at the market we visited earlier that day, and opted to look around the hotel for a place to purchase some more carry-ons. Our search for a mall or string of shops looked like a failure as our walked progressed. There was only three of us left; Matt, Tom, and myself. We were about to give up and head back to the hotel, but we decided to check a run-down looking street as a last resort.

It still seemed like we were out of luck as we walked down the street, but towards the end we finally found a shop with some luggage sitting outside. We walked in to find the whole store filled luggage, so it looked like we lucked out. Not only did the shop fit our needs, but the person running the store happened to speak perfect English. It was the last thing any of us expected considering the location and condition street around it. The guy was really nice and helped us pick out the cheapest and best quality luggage for our ride home. As we left the store and went back to the hotel, we were surprised that a person that spoke English that well was working in a place like that. Perhaps the knock-off luggage business is more profitable than we expect, but we think that being fluent in a language like that is a huge asset when looking for a job.

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