IKEA in China

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Today we went on a tour of IKEA. This was interesting to me because I go to IKEA in the United States so it was very interesting to compare the two stores. What I realized the most was that both stores are very similar. From the inside I couldn't tell that we were in a different country. I think that says a lot about IKEA as a company. This just means that they are very consistent in every market. I think their biggest catch is that they build products for small housing and younger generations. And as cities around the world become bigger, apartments and homes become smaller which is why IKEA is becoming so big. Another factor is that they target to the younger crowd and their pricing strategy is very affordable to the younger generations. There was one thing that I found different when comparing the United States store and the store in China that was their kitchens. The style was very similar but in the United States the kitchens were much larger. I think this is just a different in cultures. In America we have huge kitchens with large refrigerators and even deep freezer. This is the complete opposite in the Asian culture, they believe in buying food more frequently rather than storing it in the fridge. I was surprised to see how similar both stores are to each other but that shows that IKEA has strong brand image that can be marketing throughout the world.

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