International Brand Management of Chinese Companies

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International Brand Management of Chinese Companies by Sandra Bell are case studies on the Chinese household appliances and consumer electronics industry entering US and Western European Markets. This book is a must read for all those interested in building successful global grands and for all those interested in China and Chinese companies. Based on extensive research and interviews with Lenovo, Haier, TCL, Hisense and key decision makers worldwide, Sandra Bell gives reasons and identifies a Chinese way of international brand management. Sandra Bell reveals who the Chinese branded companies are, where they are coming from, and where they are heading for. She explains their strengths and weaknesses regarding branding, marketing and going global. She also explains how an appropriate brand strategy look like, when Chinese branded companies enter developed markets in the US and Western Europe. The book talks about how the Chinese economy seems to have reached an important threshold line of economic development and global integration. In the first quarter century of reform and global opening, Chinese enterprises have been largely confined to a 'passive' role int he global division of labor. The study presented by Sandra Bell is dealing with these new chinese 'global players'. Focusing on the Chinese household appliances and consumer electronics industry she is taking a very detailed look at the strong brands in the OECD markets will be of fundamental importance for a successful market entry by Chinese enterprises. But the successful placement of new brands is known to be a very complex and resource consuming exercise, requiring very advanced management skills. However, the concepts of marketing or branding have only recently become common features in China's transition economy. Sandra Bell has done thorough research and provides an analysis of how Chinese enterprises have ventured out in order to conquer the global markets. by doing so she provides us with highly valuable insights in the realties of brand management in China's new corporate elite. She dissects the international branding activities of some of the most prominent Chinese enterprises and provides the reader with an insider perspective not to be found elsewhere. Obviously most Chinese enterprises are still in an early stage of their pro-active globalization and are still paying high price for learning from the markets. However, the learning curves seem to be steep and it does not appear to be too far fetched to assume that Chinese brands will be soon a regular feature of the European and American consumer markets.
Sandra Bell explains the role of brand management when going international:
The last decades have seen growing market saturations in US and WE markets, a huge variety of similar products, globalization processes and an accelerating speed of innovations. As a result companies have been forced to differentiate their products from competitors in order to remain competitive, attract customers, and finally to secure future profitability.
One brand that drew my attention was Haier:
Haier Group decided on the brand name Haier in 1992. The joint venture contrat with German Liebherr had run out in 1991 and CEO Zhang was not satisfied with the corporate name 'Qindao Qingdao Haier Group' which they had established between 1991 and 1992. In the domestic market, Haier has promoted its corporate identity and brand values since 1984. Besides 'The Haier Brothers' and advertisements on Haier's going-international, Haier has built its grand image by the slogan 'zhencheng dao yongyuan' ('sincere and forever'), addressing customers' endless demand and Haier's trustworthiness. What was really ironic was how she continued on and started talking about Milan, where I have spent 6 months studying marketing. In Milan, Haier erected an advertisement billboard by the expressway near Malpensa Airport.

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