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I am so glad that I finally got to experience KTV. For some reason we all thought that it was an alright idea to go to KTV around midnight and not go to bed knowing that we had to get on a train the next day. I missed out on KTV the first time so I felt obligated to go and I am really glad that I did. When we arrived at KTV me and a couple of the guys split a bottle of vodka which was ridiculously priced compared to what we are used to paying at shops. We had to get two rooms because there were so many of us which was nice because it stayed cooler that way. After a few of us sang I decided it was my turn to try and I rapped the song Mockingbird by Eminem. I was pretty confident I could do it because I knew every word and it is one of my favorite songs. I started out great but towards the middle I started to mess up pretty bad. Singing by yourself is one thing, but singing when a bunch of people around is a lot harder. I ended up putting the mic down early because I was really messing up. When we left KTV I obviously had to make a Mcdonalds run to get my 10th big mac which is pretty disgusting but I love it. After that we headed back to the hotel and watched a movie, got our things packed, and waited until it was time to get on the bus.

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