KTV Round 2

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All-night KTV happened last night. We checked into the room at midnight and immediately started picking our lineup of songs. This KTV was nice because it had an option for English which made navigating the software very easy. The last one was only in Chinese so I needed help every time I wanted to pick a song. More people from our group went this time too and I was surprised to see the talent these new faces had. Most of the same songs were sang as last time but that's fine, it's nice to hear some low voices try and hit the high notes. My favorite part, as always, is singing smooth songs to people in the room. They either get embarrassed and blush, or jump in and sing it duet-style. I wish they had this in the states.
KTV didn't end until 6:00am which was psychotic because we had to be on the bus the next day at 7:30am. I can't believe that our two weeks in Tianjin is hours away from being over...

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